November 12, 2012 in Interviews

Interview med Carl Barât

Carl Barat

Jeg faldt over et hudløst ærligt interview med Carl Barât (The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things) fra juni 2011 som jeg vil dele her. Libertineren fortæller bl.a. om sin tid i band med Pete Doherty og vi kommer helt tæt på de tos forhold.

Bl.a. dette udsnit, der beskriver tiden efter Doherty blev løsladt (efter at have være fængslet 2 måneder for at have brudt ind i Carl Barâts lejlighed…):

After escaping the ensuing media scrum, indie-rock’s likely lads proceeded to drink all day before their ‘rock’n’parole’ gig at the Kent boozer – ‘that’s where we did the photos for the second album. I thought he’d been clean that day. But I found out years later that the one time he left me he scored heroin. That broke my heart. Again.’ Barât shrugs. ‘But that night we were euphoric and so, so, so drunk. I tried to leapfrog a Keep Left sign but it buckled and gave way underneath me, and I must have skidded about 12-foot on my chin. When I stood up it opened up into a secondary mouth; there were white tendons and teeth. It was f***ing gross.’


Læs hele interviewet her:

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